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Why Does Jeffrey Stockton Live In Honolulu, Hawaii?

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, HawaiiSince I love Honolulu so much I am going to commit a full blog post to it. I’ll try to keep this quick because there are countless amazing things about Honolulu to blog about. For my last write-up I mentioned what caused Jeffrey Stockton to relocate to Honolulu and I also talked about a bit with regards to the reason I like it here so much however in this particular write-up I’m going to go into a lot more detail about why Honolulu is definitely an awesome place.

Of course the weather conditions here factored into my choice Honolulu seldom gets chilly making it a great location for myself to live on. The climate is so extremely great here that folks complain that it is cold if the temperature gets down to the 70′s. It very rarely rains and it also almost never even gets cold. Rain in Honolulu generally barely lasts a few minutes after which it is sunny once more. In Honolulu we like to refer to this as “Liquid Sunshine.”

Another great thing of Honolulu is that the everyone is constantly helpful. I can’t believe how many friends I’ve made ever since I’ve been here. Anytime my friends or family from out of town visit they frequently say “Jeffrey Stockton, how do you have so many acquaintances?” It is not difficult to make friends when people here are very polite. My personal theory is that everyone here is delighted mainly because the weather conditions are almost always nice.

Though it’s not as big as New York City or Los Angeles, Honolulu is recognised as a legitimate metropolitan city. There’s stuff happening each and every hour throughout the day here. A lot of cities across the nation become very boring after dark and the ones that are entertaining are not situated in warmer places besides Miami and Los Angeles. Compared with the majority cities that have hot weather Honolulu has a lot more going on. Since the night clubs here remain open right up until Four every morning the nightlife here is fantastic. Honolulu also offers a bunch of good diners to select from, you may pretty much eat out at a different ethnic restaurant every night for a couple of weeks if you’d like.

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

As I’ve previously mentioned I really enjoy hiking and Honolulu features plenty of trails. If there’s just one thing Jeffrey Stockton really likes it is hiking. The best hikes are actually Kuliou’ou and Koko Head but when I feel like an easy yet beautiful hike then Diamond Head or Manoa Falls are great. There’s so many terrific hikes to be done here that you may invest several weeks or perhaps months trying to accomplish all of them.

If you enjoy learning about other nationalities then you would appreciate residing in Honolulu. I am always meeting people young and old from all over the world which happens to be something that I really enjoy about this city. Travelers from all over the world arrive here on a daily basis and on top of that the city is a ethnic melting pot. Waikiki is a great spot for meeting people from around the world due to how many people decide on Hawaii to enjoy their vacation. I’ve made good friends from all over the world which can be awesome since I enjoy travel.

I’ve been captivated by Asia and I wish to commit a summer vacation trekking throughout Asia. Thankfully flights to Asia from Honolulu are not overpriced by any means. Plane tickets to Tokyo are around $600 from Hawaii and that is comparable cost as flying to Seattle. I am honestly looking forward to achieving this and I am thinking about saving up some coinage so I can get it done next summer vacation. Honolulu is fantastic but there is so much around to look at and I can’t hesitate.
Anyway, those are a very few explanations why I like Honolulu a lot. If you have not ever visited here ever then you need to drop by or else if you reside here then you know what i’m saying. Look me up you happen to be traveling to Honolulu and I’d personally gladly be your personal tour guide. I’m always down to go surfing or maybe go on a nice hike!

~Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

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I’m Jeffrey Stockton. Nice To Meet You.

This is my blog site I made for a school project. My English teacher is actually having my cohort blog on the subject of my life regarding the very last assignment. I need to talk about college, my sucky career, my crazy dog “Frito” and whilst no person will probably read this in addition to my instructor but I still have to do it. I have been going to University of Hawaii for two years. I actually relocated to this state from New Jersey due to the fact I spent my youth surfing but despised all of the cold sea back home.

I could tell this place was home the moment I got here. I actually traveled to Honolulu once as a child while my family and myself had been here on vacation and I had always dreamed of heading back. Many of my high school pals didn’t go extremely far for college, many remained in Jersey but some went only as far off as Cali. I had my mind made up to attend University of Hawaii so it was basically the sole school I applied to, thankfully I got in due to the fact my grades had not been very good.

Jeffrey Stockton Today

Here we are two years down the road writing a blog for my English language class. I’m choosing to major in history because it was generally my favorite class at high school growing up. Of all the history lessons I’ve taken to date Hawaiian history continues to be hands down the best. The state of Hawaii has an spectacular history which most people do not have any idea about. Its history is a common story of indigenous people who had been exploited by caucasian settlers who forced their own ideals on them in the name of God.

After I graduate I can either go for a position as a History teacher or possibly I could go on to grad school. Should I do attend graduate school I’m pondering obtaining my diploma in Hawaiian history. I really doubt whether a graduate degree in Hawaiian history will make me wealthy but at the least I’ll be satisfied working at something I enjoy.

Anytime I’m not attending school I love skateboarding in addition to hiking, Frito loves both also that is why he is such a amazing hound. As Soon As I moved off college campus with my friends I decided to acquire a doggy, he’s been my best companion since then. Seeing that I was not living at the dormitories any longer I was thinking it was the perfect chance to get a pet. He’s undoubtedly the best puppy That I have ever had and I had a sense he’d end up awesome when I first spotted the guy. Frito consumes everything, even beer. We have to keep an eye on all food we all leave out since if we take our eyeballs off of it for one second our meals are usually long gone. When we throw get-togethers you have to keep track of your beers or else he will knock them over and lick up all the alcohol. Smart, right?

Where was I? Oh yeah, skating. One day while all of us were at the park I was teasing one of our roommates due to the fact he isn’t able to skateboard. I bet him dinner that I could get Frito to skateboard sooner than he could learn and the rest is history. On his 2nd attempt he rode approximately 20 feet until he ran directly into the lawn. These days each time him and I visit the park to skateboard people gather about to see him. Girls adore the guy so it’s an easy way for me to make new contacts.

Anyhow it’s getting late and this is actually plenty of content for my initial assignment. In a few days I’ll post about a hike that my buddies are going on. I cannot remember the name of the location however it is somewhere in Hawaii Kai. Ciao!

Jeffrey Stockton

Jeffrey Stockton
Hi, my name is Jeffrey Stockton and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is my blog, I hope you like it. I'll be talking about my favorite things (kind of like Oprah) so if you like my posts please feel free to comment and let me know! It pushes me to write even more!